Find Assistance In Your Area For Your Everyday Expenses!

Are you in need of financial assistance or looking for any benefits available to face your everyday need? USA Assistance Guide can help you! is an online website that helps people and families in need to find assistance near their area to face their needs. This site assists you in your search for charities and government assistance for the certain help that you need by providing you with a list of charities available in your area! Click here to find assistance!

How does it work?

Check if you Qualify – You have to check through the criteria for receiving aid and see if you qualify for assistance that you need.

Search Charities – Once you qualify, they will narrow down charities near your area and you can search from their database on what certain aid you require. You will find all the charity information you need to get the help.

What are the assistance you can find?

Resources for Small Businesses – Small businesses are vulnerable and always impacted by disasters. Because of this, the CARES Act has outlined a few resources to help ease the financial burden of small businesses everywhere.

Relief for Disabled Individuals – Disabled persons need special considerations to ensure their safety and well-being that is why their help aid resources are designed for them.

Assistance for Active Military Veterans – There are resources provided to our military officers to assist their active duty, reserves, and veterans

Temporary Mortgage Relief – They have assistance for those who have difficulty paying for their mortgage.  Foreclosure Extension The CARES Act provides homeowners with a bit of protection against foreclosure during these financially stressful times.

Government Food Assistance Programs – There is food assistance for those individuals who are greatly affected by our economy especially when the pandemic hits. If you need food assistance, several charities are offering  SNAP benefits.

Do you Qualify?

The basic criteria for charitable aid are when you fall under the two categories: The Needy and The Distressed. You have to meet the basic government guidelines to qualify but there are exemptions. To make sure, contact the charity directly to know if are entitled to charity aid.